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The musings of a physician who has served the community for over six decades

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Quakers: The Society of Friends
According to an old Quaker joke, the Holy Trinity consists of the fatherhood of God, the brotherhood of man, and the neighborhood of Philadelphia.

Quakers: All Alike, All Different
Quaker doctrines emerge from the stories they tell about each other.

Black Philadelphia
The City of Philadelphia is only a part of the region, but within that part, the black population holds political power. That's definitely not true in the rest of the region. Discordances like this create problems until political evolution smooths them out.

The characteristic American behavior called volunteerism got its start with Benjamin Franklin's Junto, and has been a source of comment by foreign visitors ever since. It's still a very active force.

New Jersey (State of)
The Garden State really has two different states of mind. The motto is Liberty and Prosperity.

Slaveowning Quaker Steps Up To The Plate

County of Gloucester

I, Joseph Nicholson of the Township of Woolwich and County of Gloucester, do hereby set free from bondage my Negro Tenor, aged about twenty-two years, and do, for myself, my Executors and Administrators, release unto the said Tenor, all my Right, and all claim whatsoever as to her person or to any Estate that may acquire, hereby declaring the said Tenor, absolutely free, without any interruption from me, or any person claiming under me.

In Witness whereof I have hereunto set my Hand and Seal this twenty-seventh day of the Twelfth Month, in the Year of our Lord One Thousand Seven Hundred and Seventy-nine. 1779.

. . . Joseph Nicholson (Seal)

. . Sealed and Delivered in the presence of Joseph Allen

Originally published: Friday, June 23, 2006; most-recently modified: Wednesday, June 05, 2019

You are right. Herewith: A difference of Opinion
Posted by: Dr Fisher Replies   |   Aug 5, 2006 7:25 PM
You might consider supplementing your piece about slaveowning Quakers with one about the fellow who endowed the Redwood Library in Newport RI. He preferred to be read out of Meeting to giving up his slave-trading business.
Posted by: [none]   |   Jul 27, 2006 8:22 AM

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