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Barber of Saville: Male Pattern Baldness

We don's have any clearer idea of why men lose their hair in the shape of "male-pattern baldness" than why most of us have a bushy head of hair when we are young. It's just the way we are. Most men don't care much, but politicians see a full head of hair as a sign of youth, so politicians tend to wear partial wigs. Vice-President Biden went even further and had expensive hair transplants, but it doesn't fool as many people as he thinks. All barbers must learn what to do about this, and it's called a "comb-over". Male pattern baldness is usually more pronounced at the top of the head, so the parting of the hair is moved gradually to one side and covering to top, gets shoved to the other side. Otherwise, the man would have a flat-headed appearance, with the side hair growing longer and combed over the balding spot in the middle. This leads to a more complex problem: the bald spot eventually gets bigger than the surrounding hair. The barber will counter this tendency as it gradually happens, but unless he is careful, the client will be left with the appearance of two bald spots with a thinning comb-over in the middle. So he resorts to combing the side-hair even further forward and concealing it with stickum. It lasts a day or two and then looks worse, but by that time the barber has his tip and an early-returning client. The wig looks somewhat better, but wigs are hot. Women who are afflicted usually resort to wigs earlier, and put up with the heat.

Originally published: Tuesday, April 09, 2019; most-recently modified: Wednesday, May 01, 2019