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Letter: Pennsylvania Medical Society May 15, 1983

George Ross Fisher III, M.D.

829 Spruce Street., Suite 308

Philadelphia, Pa 19107

Dear George:

I have just had the pleasure of reading the nice write-up of Harry Schwartz on pp 46 of Private Practice for May 1983. Dr. Schwartz is quite fulsome in his praise of a person whose merits I have known for quite a while back.

In looking through my 82-83 Directory of PMS officers an staff I find your name under AMA Delegate,, PMSLIC TAsk Force, Council on Medical Economics and I am sure there must be a lot of other assignments in organized medicine. I have always been impressed by your caim and Thoughtful approach to things.

Schwartz's article brought back some memories of Officer's Conference planning sessions and presentations where we sat together. Your panel on Medical School Admission comes to mind. Because we had good staff work at 20 Erford Road we got people like Harry Schwartz on the program. The Old Secretary -Editors Conference was first attended by me in 1948, the Centennial Year of MSSP?PMS and I have always found it a very rewarding meeting. I have missed very few down thru the years.

At the Pa Bl Sh Corporation meeting our encounter was too brief because Scotty Donaldson & Don Cooper were monopolizing my frau. About all I am mixed up in at present is membership on Judicial Council, which never meets. We are really 'farmed -out' to pasture in that assignment. The Blue Shield Corporation membership enables me to serve on Medical Review Committee where we deal mainly with cheaters in a kind of Peer Review way.

My health at age 70 is gradually deteriorating. Had another spontaneous collapse of an osteoporotic lumbar vertebra in January an am only now forcing myself into more activity. I put an 'ad' in the local paper this past week announcing that my office is open for business as it has been since Nov 16, 1946. Dr. Ronald P. Monseart of Geisinger Medical Center gave me a good work up in 1979. HE is in Endocrinology as you may know and Jim Collins urged me to see him down there; his studies included biopsies if iliac crests which were handled improperly in the lab and had to be repeated. My basic problem is nutritional (alcohol) excess) for plus 50 years. Most of what I read on osteoporosis deals with postmenopausal estrogen dose which does not seem very germane.

I note you were born in Erie in 1925. I practiced in Corry, Erie County for 1 yr prior to when a patriotic bug put me in the Army Medical Corps in 1942. Elmer Hess welcomed me into the Erie County Medical Society in 1941.

Anyway George I wanted to say hello. Cannot think of you as Ross somehow. Best regards from Loreen & Myself, Sincerely,

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