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Robert H.Bork Upsets A Century of Antitrust Law
According to the late Robert H. Bork, it ought to be fairly easy to identify price-fixing, because legitimate cases that harm the consumer by price manipulation aren't common, or may not even exist. With this, Bork convinced the judiciary to abandon a century of contrary belief while still a young law professor, thus establishing his own reputation with Ronald Reagan. He was appointed Solicitor General by Richard Nixon, unfortunately thus embroiling himself in Nixon's impeachment.

Money as Political Speech

The U.S> Supreme Court decided, in a case called xxx that campaign contributions were a form of political speech and reaffirmed that corporations were to be treated as individuals. The leaders of the Democratic party maintained they were outraged by such a nonsensical position had been made the Law of the Land, although the contribution of nearly a billion dollars to the 2018 midyear elections soon raised a question of their sincerity in demanding the court reverse its position. Nevertheless, it is clear a sizeable population holds these views. How Congress might reconcile these two appreciable viewpoints remains an open question of unsettled law. The following is an attempt to modify the position somewhat, in order to make the matter less contentious.

Let's begin with a tentative position, whether as a beginning statute, or a beginning Constitutional Amendment: Any political contribution in order to escape taxes, is limited to the equivalent of $100 in 2020 value unless:

Originally published: Tuesday, November 13, 2018; most-recently modified: Thursday, May 02, 2019