Philadelphia Reflections

The musings of a physician who has served the community for over six decades

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Scheme of Blogs

The scheme devised by George IV was for all textual material to be located as blogs, each one of which was connected to a topic. If the same blog was utilized in more than one topic, it would be duplicated by the duplicator button and thus given two blog numbers. In time, the duplicated blogs could acquire specialized variants, since two identical blogs cannot ordinarily be attached to the same topic. Thus "Quaker farmers" might end up as two identical blogs within the same topic, differing only in the reference numbers assigned to "Quakers" and "farmers" within the topic of "Quaker farmers", or they may be assigned to two different topics. In a large database, the multiple topics may be located with the "Modify" function on the first page of utilities at the bottom of the five-object version of what is really just a search engine.

Ordinarily, you start with only one such blog, eventually adding others within a topic. When the machine detects a second blog is present in a topic, the blogs are removed from the front page. The consequence is that blogs and topics are unified, but un-topical blogs remain as a reminder on the front page that additional blogs may eventually be needed. This keeps the blog column reasonably short, rather than stretching down for thousands of entries. ***

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