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PMS Council on Medical economics Reps Meet with Regan Officials in Washington.

Three representatives of Society's Council on Medical Economics met in Washington, DC, May 8 and 9 with key Reagan administration officials on health care cost issues. PMS representatives were: George R. Fisher III, MD, Philadelphia; William R. Beltz, MD, Williamsport; and Mary J. Kinosian, MD, Franklin. Delegates met May 9 with William Roper, MD, special assistant to President Ronald Reagan for health policy; Carolyn Davis, PhD, administrator of Health Care Financing Administration; John Cogan, Ph D, associate directors for human resources in Office of Management and Budget; Donald Young, MD, executive directors for Prospective Payment Advisory Committee; and Frank Seubold, MD, director of Office of Health Maintenance Organizations. Discussions included: health care cost containment methods, physician reimbursement, prospective payment, Medicare/Medicaid cross billings, IRA's for health, and health maintenance organizations.

Originally published: Friday, August 31, 2018; most-recently modified: Friday, May 31, 2019