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Outline of essay using Grandpa B's obstetrics articles


Place of women in society

Removal of fear of pregnancy

Self-determination for women

(Birth control as only one important development_

One medical lifetime - 50 years at most

In vitro fertilization allowing for eugencis and for postponement of pregnancy

Determining the sex in utero

Elimination of the "mystery"

Increase of abortion of girks, Decrease in marriage prospects of men in India. Emigration? Royalty/inheritance. Family size no longer needs to be as large to produce male heirs.

Prolongation of Life

Observations since Grandpa's time

Medical aspects of cancer -

Breast cancer as example. Fear of cancer is diminishing. But women still die.


Superstitions in Obstetrics

Amausing excerpts to illustrate changing attitudes

Psychology of pregnancy -

Very risky to opine. Excerpts may be interesting to illustrate changing attitudes.

Hx of C Sections

Higher rate now.

Labor and delivery is now more convenient.

Abdominal pin in pregnancy

Diagnosis has improved.

Cases of maternal Mortality

Invention of antibiotics

Overal rate down - what are the stats?

PRenatal care His dream has been fulfilled

Toxemia Have survival rates changed?


Amusing excerpts

Pain phenomena in pregnancy

Invention of epidurals has reduced the terror of labor for many


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