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Mary Stuart Blakely Fisher, 1922-2006 MD Photos
It's hard to speak of her in anything but superlatives.

Mary Stuart Blakely Fisher MD 1922-2006
In a class of anything, first in the class.

Letter from Radiology Associates Albert Einstein Medical Center

Radiology Associates

Albert Einstein

Medical Center

York and Tabor Roads,

Philadelphia, Pa. 19141

Alvin H. Felman, M.D.

Department of Radiology

University Hospital

of Jacksonville

655 West Eighth Street

Jacksonville, Florida 32209

Dear Al,

I’m sure that by now you’ve decided that either the letter you sent me was lost or that the cold here in Pennsylvania has softened my brain so that I was unable to reply. While the later impression is probably correct, it did take me a little while to get together some of this material. Enclosed in this envelope you will find slides of Drs. Herman Ostrum, Russel Miller, and Bernie Widman. You will also find a group picture of many of the residents and staff from the time while we were residents. You’ll note that the picture does include Bill Serber, Mary Fisher and Herman Ostrum. Russ Miller and Myron Blumberg were evidently not around on that day, which is actually nothing different than Myron’s current status.

There is also a copy of a portion of the program from the first annual dinner of the Blockley Radiologic Society which may be of some interest.

I really don’t have any informative anecdotes about Mary. Although I believe then and still believe now that she is the finest all-around Diagnostic Radiologist in the Philadelphia area, her personality is such that it does not lend itself to humorous incidents. I still see her almost monthly at the Philadelphia Roentgen Ray Society Dinners and often sit with her. She is a marvelous raconteur and a dedicated physician and family member. She often speaks to me of her children and occasionally of her travels. When PGH closed she was instrumental in a massive effort to transfer most of the teaching file from the Radiology Department at PGH to the College of Physicians where it now resides.

I hope that some of this information is helpful to you. I look forward to your presentation honoring Mary and to seeing you at the Pennsylvania Radiologic Society in May.

Warmest regards,

Arthur D. Magilner, M.D.

Chairman, Dept. of Diagnostic Radiology

Originally published: Monday, October 16, 2017; most-recently modified: Thursday, May 23, 2019