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Mary Stuart Blakely Fisher, 1922-2006 MD Photos
It's hard to speak of her in anything but superlatives.

Mary Stuart Blakely Fisher MD 1922-2006
In a class of anything, first in the class.

University Hospital of Jacksonville Letter

University Hospital of Jacksonville

655 West Eighth Street

Jacksonville, Florida 32209

Telephone 904-350-6899

Gene Mc Leod


May 22, 1985

Michael B. Dooley, M.D.

Department of Radiology

Phoenixville Hospital

140 Nutt Road

Phoenixville, PA 19460

Dear Mike,

Lynne and I made it back to Jacksonville with no problem. We want to again express our appreciation to you for a fantastic visit.

Your selection of Mary for this award is, without doubt, one of the highlights of my career in medicine. I hope you realize how great we all feel it was.

Thanks again for all you did. I hope will cross again. With best wishes,

Sincerely yours,

Alvin H. Felman, M.D.

Professor Radiology



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