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Right Angle Club: 2015
The tenth year of this annal, the ninety-third for the club. Because its author spent much of the past year on health economics, a summary of this topic takes up a third of this volume. The 1980 book now sells on Amazon for three times its original price, so be warned.

Right Angle 2015 Speakers

Right Angle 2015 Speakers

Note. Jan. Speakers Arranged by others, 2015 program chair not present.

Feb. 6 John Caskey, Ph D (Philadelphia SD Finances and Governance.)
Feb. 13 Jeffery La Monica, Ph D (Chemical Warfare in WWI.)
Feb. 20 Tony Junker (Peace Museum for Philadelphia. )
Feb. 27 Joel Spivak (Subways Around the World.))
Mar. 13 Bob Fernandez, Inquirer (Net Neutrality; How, What, Why?))
Mar. 20 Rodger Lane, Ph D (History of Crime.))
Mar. 27 Chad Bardone (Peace Corps Then and Now.))
Apr. 10 Krystak Appiah (Northern African American Experience post Civil War.))
Apr. 17 Robert Margolskee, Ph D & MD (How Taste & Smell Relarte to Health.))
Apr. 24 Michael Comfort (How the Navy Won the Civil War.))
May. 1 David Specca (Environmental Agriculture & Bio Engery.))
May. 8 David Richman Walter Russell, (Self Bestowed Genius.))
May. 29 Frank Bell (The Soga Brothers, Art and; Revenge in Japan.))
June. 5 Zenos Frudakis (Philospher in Clay.))
June. 12 Stephen Clowery (Leica and the Birth of 35mm Photography.))
June. 19 Bruce Mowday (Pickett's Charge; The Untold Story.))
June. 26 Berine Enright (A Fresh Look at George Washington.))
July. 10 Allan Brink ( Spring City Electrical: An Endurning History.))
July. 17 Ina Lipman (The Children's Scholarship Fund.))
July. 24 Thayer Schroeder (History of WaWa.))
July. 31 Jose Benitez (Needle Exchange in Philadelphia.))
Aug. 7 George Strimel (SEPTA in Motion.))
Aug. 14 Ned Rauch-Mannino (Marcellus Shale Gas Use Impact on Philadelphia.))
Aug. 21 Patrica Dickey (Brazil-Philadelphia Chamber of Commerce.))
Aug. 28 Jason Mayland (Charter School Successes and Failures.))
Sept. 18 Ted Burkett ( Las Pozas: An Eccentric Englishman's Mexican Fantasy>)
Oct. 2 Eugene DiOrio ( Lukens Steel and Rebecca Lukens.))
Oct. 9 M. Fredric Riedersd, Ph D (Last Chance Crime.))
Oct. 16 Donna A. Bilak, Ph D (The Chymical Cleric: the Remarkable Story of John Allin, Puritan Alcchemist.))
Oct. 23 Jeffery H. Johnson, Ph D ( From Dyes to Destruction: The German Chemical Indusrtyin WW I.))
Oct. 31 Mary Anne Eves (The 1876 Centennial in Philadelphia: America's First World's Fair.))
Nov. 6 Al Markle (Vietnam- A Veteran's New Perspective.))
Nov. 13 Allan Silverberg, et al (Holocaust Rememberance.))
Nov. 20 David Hollenberg (University of Pennsylvania's Architecture.))
Dec. 11 Dominc Tierney, Ph D (The Right Way to Lose a War to Lose a War: America in an Age of Unwinnable Conflicts.)
Dec. 18 Matt Duppee ( Men's Clubs in Philadelphia and Beyond.))

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