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SECTION TWO: Hidden Economics of Healthcare
Here are samplings of the reasons Healthcare Reform still isn't going anywhere.


SECTION TWO: Hidden Economics of Healthcare

By this time, the reader has got part of the idea behind writing this book. The Health Savings Account is legal and popular. Because of the difficulties of the Affordable Care Act, I expanded HSA to compete with President Obama's system. The proposed replacement will be described after we discuss the problems it hopes to repair. Meanwhile, right now there's the Classical Health Savings Account, for those who would like to join the millions of subscribers who already have one.

There's a lot more to suggest, but it must be preceded by some background, mostly about the Employer-based system. It's what our predominant health system has been for a century. It served us well but may have outlived its usefulness. We'll return to the expanded Health Savings Accounts (L-HSA) after we bring the reader up to speed about the things underneath it. Leading to a short but rather sweeping proposal for what to do about it.

Originally published: Wednesday, July 15, 2015; most-recently modified: Wednesday, June 05, 2019


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