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New Jersey (State of)
The Garden State really has two different states of mind. The motto is Liberty and Prosperity.

New Jersey State Constitution 1947: Updated through Amendments Adopted in November, 2014

Section V

1. No matter of the Senate or General Assembly, during the term for which the member shall have been elected, shall be nominated, elected or appointed to any State civil office or position, of profit, which shall have been created by law, or the emoluments whereof shall have been increased by law, during such term. The provisions of this paragraph shall not prohibit the election of any person as Governor, as Lieutenant Governor, or as a member of the Senate or General Assembly.

Article IV, Section V. paragraph 1 amended effective January 17, 2006

2. The Legislature may appoint any commission, committee or other bodies whose main purpose is to aid or assist it in performing its functions. Member of the Legislature may be appointed serve on any such body.

3. If any member of the Legislature shall become a member of Congress or shall accept any Federal or State office or position, of profit, his seat shall thereupon become vacant.

4. No matter of Congress, no person holding any Federal or State office or position, of profit, and no judge of any court shall be entitled to a seat in the Legislature.

5. Neither the Legislature nor either house thereof small elect or appoint any executive, administrative or judicial officer except the State Auditor.

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