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Right Angle Club: 2014
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President's Letter for 2014

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David J Richards MD

Well, the 92nd year of the Right Angle Club is coming to an end. It has been successful in many ways.

How to describe this eventful time. In a word it was consolidation, to build up a solid base from which we can keep up the high quality of club offerings of weekly speakers, flings, good food and camaraderie at a reasonable price. With this foundation, we can communicate with enthusiasm the virtues that our club has to offer to prospective members.

It is continual amazement that our club is consistently able to provide, year after year, a cadre of about 42 speakers on a wide range of topics with good quality of food, together with three social events where significant others are invited, as well as our renowned President's Dinner. All of this provided at a very reasonable cost. I know of no other similar club that provides such value.

This high standard can only be kept by the hard work of the club's Board of Control. The First Vice President, Carter Broach, has always been available in the inevitable crises that occur. He has even solved the perennial tie problem. Wayne Strasburgh has presented us with three great flings The Sedgeley Club on the Schuylkill River, Waynesborough in Chester County, and most recently the spectacular Christmas event at the Acorn Club, the oldest female club in the USA. Dan Sossaman II provided us with a stimulating series of speakers as well as meetings which stretched the member's knowledge of Philadelphia. Chad Bardone conducted the raffle with the efficiency of a tax collector. The results of his efforts will be sent to our charity, The Philadelphia Scholarship fund.

All of the above could only be accomplished with the monies from our dues. Our accounts are most effectually administered by our Treasurer, Thomas Williams, who continues to amaze with the complexity of the reports he produces at each Board of Control meeting. Mel Buckman remains our admirable recording secretary who keeps our memory in order and Dan Sossaman Sr. who ably served as Chairman of the Nominating Committee. The members at large of your Board of Control, Peter Alois, Steve Bennet, JohnCoates and Jack Foltz, provided sage advice on all topics. We are also blessed with the invaluable services of LeAnne Lindsey who now acts as the focus of our clubs contact with its members with all things we need to know through Constant Contact.

On the consolidation front, we have obtained a firm footing financially which enables us to predict with a reasonable degree of confidence our future income and expenditures based upon on our current and future projected membership.

With our lecture series, lunches, friendship, and events coupled with a stable financial situation we are in a good position to attract new members to our club.

We are fortunate to have, subject to approval at our annual general meeting, an outstanding slate of new officers to serve for what I am certain will be a great 93rd year for Right Angle Club.

Your most obedient servant

David J Richards MD 92nd President 17 December 2014

Originally published: Wednesday, December 17, 2014; most-recently modified: Friday, May 31, 2019