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Pit Stop #2: What Are the Foreseeable Consequences?

We have now traversed the outline of the Health Savings Account proposal to finance the growing burden of its cost. It can be viewed as a transfer mechanism to shift a great deal of money from the savings of the population, into the common stock of its major businesses, generating a great deal of wealth in the process intended to pay for payment shortfalls which would otherwise disrupt the economy. Eventually, this growing shortfall would otherwise become so large it would curtail the medical progress we wish to expand. The direct losers in this disruption would be the financial industry, and probably the insurance industry, but the ripples would spread far and wide. The following discussions center on features familiar to the author, more than they do on issues better known to others. In time, experts in related fields are invited to participate, because predicting the future is always fraught with uncertainty.

The groups to be discussed as primarily affected are:

The Recipients of Care: CHAPTER SIX

The Providers of Care: CHAPTER SEVEN

The Financial Services Industry: CHAPTER EIGHT

International Finance : CHAPTER NINE


The Education Industry: CHAPTER ELEVEN

Originally published: Thursday, November 27, 2014; most-recently modified: Thursday, May 09, 2019