Philadelphia Reflections

The musings of a physician who has served the community for over six decades

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Particular Sights to See:Center City
Taxi drivers tell tourists that Center City is a "shining city on a hill". During the Industrial Era, the city almost urbanized out to the county line, and then retreated. Right now, the urban center is surrounded by a semi-deserted ring of former factories.

Albert Gallatin
A magnificent but largely forgotten man.

Philadelphia Women

German Immigrants via New York
Twenty-five German families made their way to the Harrisburg area by sailing up the Hudson, and then down the Susquehanna, years before other Germans got there by way of Philadelphia. The trip, re-traveled.

French Philadelphia
French Philadelphia

Ethnic Subcultures
Diverse ethnicities make up this city.

Right Angle Club: 2016
In progress.

Azilum: French Asylum on the Susquehanna

Off with their heads!, she said. They have refused my cake in preference of moldy bread, by God"

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