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Medical Club of Philadelphia
The Medical Club of Philadelphia was founded in the Nineteenth century, as a social club of doctors devoted to non-medical interests. Lots of famous names, here.

Appendix C, Honored Guests



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The Club was organized as a reception association. Its principal objective was to entertain men of distinction at Receptions. They were successful in securing guests from many parts of the world. The jewel among their guests was, of course, President William Howard Taft.

During the early years of the Club it was relatively easy to secure guests from Europe because Philadelphia was a major port of entry for European visitors.

Since many of the meetings of the American Medical Association, and other medical groups, were held In Atlantic City and Philadelphia, notable medical personages were readily available.

There were also guests from off the beaten path, such as the Ambassador from Syria, and physicians from the Orient. It is fairly obvious, from the record, that some members of the Club were military officers, which could account for the number of medical military guests.

While some of the programs were simple entertainment, or may seem strange by present-day standards, it must be noted that most of their speakers presented messages of considerable substance and vision.

On several occasions, they called on the Madrigal Singers for entertainment. They were their fall back program, called at those times when they could not get a guest of their choosing, or when a guest canceled at the last minute.

Over the years it became more difficult to obtain Honored Guests, and they began hosting speakers, paying them nominal honoraria.

They entertained more than one Guest of Honor on some occasions. There were several instances in which they entertained large groups of physicians. (In some instances complete titles or subjects are not available.)

1893 Dr. George M. Sternberg, Surgeon General, U.S.A.

1894 Dr. William Pepper, Philadelphia

Dr. McCormick, President, Medical Society of the State of Pennsylvania, and others

1895 Dr. John. M. Da Costa, Philadelphia

1896 Dr. Charles McBurney, New York City

The American Neurological Association

1897 Dr. Howard A. Kelly, Baltimore

Members of the American Medical Association

1898 Dr. William L. Rodman, Philadelphia 1899 Dr. William T. Bull, New York City

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Dr. John G. Clark, Philadelphia

Dr. William B. Coley, New York City

Dr. Simon Flexner, New York City

Dr. George W. Guthrie, Wilkes Barre

1900 Dr. Frank Billings, Chicago

Dr. James M. Bodine, Louisville

Dr. Alonzo Garcelon, Maine

Dr. Abraham Jacobi, New York City

Dr. Maurice H. Richardson, Boston

Dr. George H. Simmons, Chicago

Dr. Charles D. Stockton

1901 Dr. Charles L. Dana, New York City

Dr. Thomas D. Davis, Pittsburgh, President, Medical Society

of the State of Pennsylvania, and members.

General Walter Wyman, Public Health and Marine Hospital Service, U.S.

1902 Dr. Adolph Lorenz, Vienna

Dr. Presley M. Rixey, Surgeon General U.S.N.

Dr. William M. Welch, Philadelphia

Dr. John A. Wyeth, New York City, President, American

Medical Association

1903 Dr. C. A. Ewald, Berlin

Dr. Hans Kehr, Halberstadt

Dr. S. Weir Mitchell, Philadelphia

Dr. William Osler (Accepted but unable to attend)

Dr. George H. Simmons, Chicago, Secretary, American Medical Association

Professor Herman Tillmans, Leipsic

Professor VonMikulicz-Redecki, Breslau

1904 Sir Lauder Bnmton, London

Dr. John H. Musser, Philadelphia, President, American Medical Association

Dr. Oscar Liebrich, Berlin

Dr. William B. Ulrich, President, Medical Society of the State of Pennsylvania

1905 Dr. Adolph Koenig, President, Medical Society of the State of Pennsylvania

A group of prominent American medical publishers

Dr. Carl Van Noorden, Germany

1906 Dr. Oscar H. Allis, Philadelphia

Dr. W. M. Late Coplin, Philadelphia

Dr. William H. Hartzell, President, Medical Society of the State of Pennsylvania

Dr. George McClellan, Philadelphia

Dr. Edward A. Spitzka, Philadelphia

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1907 Dr. Joseph D. Bryant, New York City, President,

Medical Association

Dr. Herbert L. Burrell, Boston, President-elect, American

Medical Association

Dr. Isaac C. Gable, President, Medical Society of the State of Pennsylvania

Richard Watson Gilder, Editor, Century Magazine

Dr. Carl Hess, Wurtzburg

Dr. Edward Kocher, Berne, Switzerland John L. Long, Philadelphia

Dr. Alexander Marcy, Jr., President, State of New Jersey

Dr. Lewis S. McMurtrie, Louisville

Medical Society of the Professor Albert Smythe, Philadelphia

Dr. James Tyson, President, College of Physicians of Philadelphia

Dr. James B. Walker, President, Philadelphia County Medical Society

1908 Dr. Samuel G. Dixon, Pennsylvania Commissioner of Public Health

Dr. Albert M. Eaton, President, Philadelphia County Medical American Society

Dr. William L. Estes, President, Medical Society of the State of Pennsylvania

Dr. W. C. Evans, Chicago, Public Health officer Colonel William C. Gorgas President-elect, American Medical Association

Dr. Lewis S. Pitcher, Brooklyn, NY

General Walter Wyman, Public Health And Marine Hospital Service, U.S.

1909 Colonel William C. Gorgas, President, American Medical Association

Dr. Joseph S. Neff, Director of Public Hea1th and Charities, Philadelphia

Dr. George W. Wagoner, President, Medical Society of the State of Pennsylvania

Dr. Willaim C. Welsh, Baltimore, President, American Medical Association

Officers and members of the Medical Society of the State of Pennsylvania

1910 Dr. C. F. Stokes, Surgeon General, U,S,N.

Hon. Edwin S. Stuart, Governor, Pennsylvania

Dr. George H. Torney, Surgeon General, U.S.A. Semicentennarian physicians

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1911 Dr. Edward Martin, President -elect, Clinical Congress of Surgeons of North America

Dr. Albert J. Ochsner, President, Clinical Congress of Surgeons of North America Hon. William Howard Taft

Recently elected professors, University of Pennsylvania: Dr. A. M. Richards, Alonzo E. Taylor, Robert M. Pearce, Drs. Gwilym G. Davis, Milton B. Hartzell, Edward Martin, John B. Deaver, M. Howard Fussell and Alfred Stengel

1912 Hon. Rudolph Blankenburg, Mayor, Philadelphia

Dr. Alexander R. Craig, Secretary, American Medical Association

Dr. Abraham Jacobi, President American Medical Association

Dr. James Tyson, President, Medical Society of the State of Pennsylvania

Dr. John A. Witherspoon, President-elect, American Medical Association.

Hon. William Daniel Baugh, Hon. Charles C. Harrison, Hon.John H. McFadden and Hon. E. T. Stotesbury

1913 Hon. F. Amadee Bregy, Hon. Mayer Sulzberger, Hon. Charles B. McMichael, Hon. Robert N. Wilson, Hon. J. Wills Martin, Presidents, Court of Common Pleas, Hon. Morris Dallett, Judge of the Orphans' Court, Philadelphia. Hon. James B. Holland, Judge, U.S. District Court, Philadelphia

John Grier Hibben, D.D., LL.D., President, Princeton University

Dr. Thomas McCrae and Philip B. Hawk, PhD., New professors, Jefferson Medical College

1914 George H. Campbell, A. T. Dice and S. C. Long, Railroad Executives

Dr. Edward B. Heckel, President, Medical Society of the State of Pennsylvania

Dr. Enoch Hollingshead, President, Medical Society of the State of New Jersey

Dr. William P. Orr, Jr., President. Delaware State Medical Society (unable to attend)

Dr. William L. Rodman, President-elect, American Medical Association

Dr. Victor C. Vaughn, President, American Medical Association

Major General Leonard H. Wood, U.S.A.

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1915 Rear Admiral William S. Benson, U.S.N.

Dr. Rupert Blue, President-elect American Medical Association

Rear Admiral William C. Braisted, Surgeon General, U.S.N.

Russell H. Conwell, D.D., President Temple University Alba B. Johnson, Esp., Representing the President, Jefferson Medical College

David Milne Esp., President, Medico-Chirurgical College Edgar Fahs Smith, Provost, University of Pennsylvania

1916 Dr. Charles A. E. Codman, President-elect, Medical Society of the State of Pennsylvania

Dr. Wilmer Krusen, Director, Public Health and Charities, Philadelphia

Dr. John B. MacAlister President, Medical Society of the State of Pennsylvania

Dr. Alexander Marcy, Jr., representing the President, Medical Society of the State of New Jersey

Dr. George L. McKelway, President, Delaware State Medical Society

Living Past Presidents of the Club: Drs. James M. Anders, L. Webster Fox, Hobart A. Hare, Edward E. Montgomery, Samuel D. Risley, James C. Wilson, and Dr. S. Lewis Ziegler

1917 Colonel John Gribbel, President, Union League of Philadelphia Dr. Chevalier Jackson, Philadelphia

Hon. George B. Orlady, M.D, LL.D., President-Judge, Superior Court, Pennsylvania

Dr. Morton Prince, Boston

1918 Rear Admiral J. M. Helm, Commandant, Fourth Naval District

Hon. Franklin K. Lane, Secretary of the Interior, U.S. Mr. B. G. A. Moynihan, Distinguished British surgeon display Frank Schamberg and. Torrance Rugh, MD, Newly appointed Professors of Medicine, Jefferson Medical College

Rear Admiral Benjamin Tappan, Commandant, Philadelphia Navy Yard

1919 Major General Merriete W. ireland, Surgeon General, U.S.A.

Hon. J. Hampton Moore, Mayor, Philadephia, and his Cabinet.

Hon. William Potter, President, Board Trustees, Jefferson Medical College

Hon. Robert L. Owen, Senator, Oklahoma

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Hon. William C. Sproul, Governor, Pennsylvania

Foreign Delegates to the American Medical Association: From England; Rear Admiral E. R. Dimsey, Major W. Hey Groves, Lt. Colonel, Arthur F. Hurst, Sir Arbuthnot Lane, Dr. A. Graham Little, Lt. Colonel, Sir Shirley Murphy, Sir St. Clair Thomson

From France: Professor P. Begouin, Major F. La Maitre and Professor R. Pique From China: Major S. T. Lee From Japan: Dr. S. Uchino

1920 Rt. Hon. Sir Auckland Geddes, Ambassador, Great Britain Dwight W. Morrow, Esq.

Samuel M. Vauclain, President, Baldwin Locomotive Works

1921 Dr. W. Blair Bell, Liverpool

Mr. Richard G. Rows, London

Dr. George E. Vincent, President, Rockefeller Foundation (unable to attend)

Sir Harold J. Stiles, Regius Professor Clinical Surgery, University of Edinborough

1922 Hon. Thomas E. Finnegan, Superintendent of Public Instruction, Pennsylvania

His Excellency, Jules J. Jusserand, Ambassador, France Hon. John Monaghan, Associate Judge, Court of Common Please

Hon. George W. Pepper, U.S. Senator, Pennsylvania Dr. Edgar Fahs Smith, ex-provost, University of Pennsylvania

1923 Hon. Royal S. Copeland, M.D., George E. Vincent, LL.D., President, Rockefeller Foundation

Dr. Hubert Work, Past President, American Medical Association

1924 Frank Aydelotte, D.Lit., LL.D., President, Swarthmore College

Dr. Edward A. Stitt, Surgeon General U.S.N.

William P. Wilson, D.SC., Director, Philadelphia Commercial Museum

1925 Samuel B. Fleisher Mr. J. Basil Hall, President, British Medical Association Hon, Judge Joseph H. Taulane

1926 Dr. Francis B. Haas, Superintendent of Public Instruction, Pennsylvania

The fourteen living Original members of the Club Dr. Harry W. Albertson, President, Medical Society of the State of Pennsylvania

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Dr. Arthur C. Morgan, President-elect, Medical Society of the State of Pennsylvania

1927 Homer Folks, Secretary, State Aid Association of New York Charles H. Grakelow, Director of Public Welfare, Philadelphia

Dr. John M. T. Finney. Professor of Clinical Surgery, Johns Hopkins

Prof. Gemmeltoft, Professor of Gynecology and Obstetrics, Copenhagen

1928 Rev. M. Herbert Burke, Valley Forge Chapel

Dr. William LaMotte, President, Delaware State Medical Society

Dr. Walt P. Conaway, Past President, Medical Society of the State of New Jersey

Dr. Ephrbm R. Mulford, President, Medical Society of the State of New Jersey

Dr. William T. Sharpless, President, Medical Society of the State of Pennsylvania

1929 Dr. George E. Barnes, Secretary, Pennsylvania Committee on Selection of Rhodes Scholars.

Dr. Hofarth E. Fuchs, Professor Emeritus of Opthalmology, Vienna

1930 Cyrus H. K. Curtis, Publisher, Philadelphia

Dr. William Mather Lewis, President, Lafayette College

1931 Dr. Theodore B. Appel, Secretary of Health, Pennsylvania Dr. William P. Mayer, President, Medical Society of the State of Pennsylvania

Dr. Charles Falkowsky, Jr., President-elect, Medical Society of the State of Pennsylvania

1932 The Madrigal Singers

Dr. J. Norman Henry, Director of Public Health, Philadelphia

Dr. George A. Knowles Assistant Director of Public Health, Philadelphia

Hon. Harry S. McDevitt

1933 Dr. Edward H. Cary, President, American Medical Association

Officers and members of the Medical Society of the State of Pennsylvania. (In cooperation with the Philadelphia County Medical Society.)

1934 Don Rose, Eric Knight and Charles Sykes from the EVENING LEDGER

Surviving original members of the Club: Drs. T. Chalmers Fulton, George Goebel and Isador P. Strittmatter.

Hon. Lewis L. Fawcett, Justice, Supreme Court, New York

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1935 Harry W. A. Hanson, D.D., LL.D., President, Gettysburg College

Major General Charles R. Reynolds, Surgeon General, U.S.A.

1936 Hon. Sanford Bates, Justice Department, Bureau of Prisons Hon. George A. Welsh, Judge, United States District Court

1937 Dr. Lewellyn F. Barker, Emeritus Professor, Johns Hopkins University

William H. Gray, Esp., Philadelphia

1938 George H. Elliott, Whitehall Cement Manufacturing Co. Franklin Moore, Pennsylvania State Hotel Association

1939 A. Bernard Leckie, Chief, Federal Bureau of Investigations James E. Gheen, Entertaining speaker

1940 Howard W. Haggard, Professor. Applied Psychology, Yale University

Hon. Harold B. Wells, New Jersey Court of Errors and Appeals

1941 John Guiton, Assistant Professor, French Literature, Bryn Mawr College

William Mather Lewis, Director of Selective Service, Pennsylvania

1942 Frazier Hunt, Lecturer

William Duncan, Washington correspondent

1943 Edward S. Bayard, Editor, PENNSYLVANIA FARMER Hon. Walter H. Judd, M.D. Member of Congress, Fifth District, Minnesota

1944 James V. Bennett, Director, Bureau of Prisons Frazier Hunt, Lecturer

1945 Dr. M. Fraser James, D.D., Ph.D. William S. Livinggood, Jr., Secretary of Internal Affairs, Pennsylvania

Franklin Moore, International Hotel Association

1946 Three movies for January meeting William L. Estes, President, Medical Society of the State of Pennsylvania

John H. McCullough, Washington Bureau, PHILADELPHIA INQUIRER

1947 Hon. Smith L. Multer, Past President. Sons of the American Revolution

Hon. Owen J. Roberts, Former Justice, United States Supreme Court

1948 Charles Love, THE EVENING BULLETIN Dr. Edward L. Bortz, President, American Medical Association

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Dr. Gilson Colby Engel, President, State of Pennsylvania

Herbert C. Lanks, "Highway to Alaska''

1949 Theodore R. Distler, "What A Citizen Owes His Country'' Edmund H. Harding, Humorist

1950 Dr. George E. Pfahler, film, "A Picturesque Cruise to South America''

James A. Fowler, Director of Education, Academy of Natural Sciences

Edmund W. Harding "Hardening of the Arteries"

1951 Film on Australian Aborigines

Dr. George Lull, President American Medical Association (Major P. Mowitz spoke on "Korea")

Illustrated program on Insects, Butterflies and Foliage

1952 Roy K. Marshall, "On the Nature of Things'' Commander J. M. Anderson, "A 21,000 Mile Trip From Cairo To Capetown''

Roy Howells, Humorist

1953 Dr. Arthur Secord, "Painting Haystacks''

Caskie Sinnett, "Humor Is a Funny Thing''

Louis F. Budenz, Editor, DAILY WORKER, "The Cry Is Peace"

of the 1954 Michael McDougal, "Cards and Film: "Tigre"

Harold Van Dooren, Piano soloist

1955 Walter Hall, Professor of History, Princeton. (He spoke at great length.)

Dr. Elmer Hess, President American Medical Association, "What the American Medical Association Means to the Component Doctor''

Dr. George E. Pfahler, film, "Ancient and Modern Peru''

1956 Hubert N. Alyea, Princeton, "Peaceful Use of Atomic Energy"

Hon. Herve Alphand Ambassador from France

1957 Hon. Walter H. Judd, Member of Congress Hon. Sarid Zenniddene, Ambassador from Syria. ''Resurgence of Arab Nations in the World Today''

Ivy Baker Priest, Treasurer, United States, enriches Money Cannot Buy''

1958 Paul F. Gemmill, PhD., Professor of Economics, The Wharton School

Louis R. Inwood, Surgeon General, U.S.A., "History of Aviation''

Senator Hugh Scott, "A Report From Washington"

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Rae V. Biester, Director, of the United States Mint, "Making Money-A Fascinating Business''

1959 Captain Walter Welham Medical Corps, U.S.N., "Atlantic Submarine Fleet''

Dr. Stanley P. Reimann, "Inspecting Hospitals In India''

1960 Winfield C. Cook, "Experiences in Eastern Europe''

Ivan Peterman, International Correspondent

Hon. Robert A. Forsythe, Assistant Secretary, Health, Education and Welfare "Humanity and Freedom''

1961 J. Kenneth Doherty, Director, Penn Relays, "A Sports Approach to Positive Medicine''

Captain Roland A. Bossee, Medical Corps, U.S.N., "Space and Space Suits''

Musical trio and film, "Variations on an Italian Theme''

1962 John S. Biddle, "Racing Windjammers''

Louis P. Shannon, "The Menace of the Uninformed''

1963 Les Keiter, WFIL Sports, "Highlights of Sports''

Quentin Keynes, "From Dodos to Devil Rays''

1964 Albert Barnes, "Project Apollo-Reaching For The Moon''

Quentin Keynes, "Twisting Makondi''

1965 John Biddle, "Tea Time at Cape Brett'

' Dr. I. M. Levitt, Fels Planetarium, "The Moon-Target For Tomorrow''

1966 Kenneth Jackman, PhD., "A Short Ride On The Twentieth Century Limited''

Professor Hubert Alyea, Princeton, "Lucky Accident- Great Discoveries and The Prepared Mind''

1967 Arthur W. Robinson, Jr., "United States Program in Space'' Robert Grant, "Snake Hunt In the Dismal Swamp''

1968 A. J. Ramsey, M.D., Professor of Anatomy, Jefferson Medical College, "The Four Seasons''

Donald Barnhouse, News Analyst

1969 William H. Krogman, PhD., "Registry of Life and Death in the Skeleton''

Dr. John M. Fogg, Director, Barnes Arboretum, "Plants for Medical Use''

1970 Douglas Courtney, PhD., "The Logic of Investment Decision Making''

Mortimer Enright, American Medical Association Speakers'

Bureau, "Unaccustomed As I Am To Public Speaking'' 1971 Robert M. Landis, Esp., Chancellor Philadelphia Bar Association, "A Margin For Survival''

William Murphy, President, Campbell Soup Company 1972 Dr. Kenneth Poole, Bell Laboratories, "Magnetic and Bubble Devices'

Page 68

Charles K. Cox, President, Insurance Company of North America, "Two Advances Modern Medicine Has Not Made''

1973 Hon. D. Donald Jamieson, Judge of Court of Common Pleas, "Crisis in the Courts''

Froelich Rainey, Director, University Museum, "Unsolved Mysteries In Archeology''

Dr. William Mather Lewis, Lafayette College 1974 Harry R. Madiera, General Coal Co., "What's Happening In the Energy Crisis''

Elkins Weatherall, "The Securities Exchanges and Where They Are Going''

1975 John Sandusky, Eagles line coach, "Eagles Football''

Seymour Wollbein, Dean, Temple Business School, "7 signs for the 70s''

1976 Lamont Moore, ''The Venus Fixers''

Roy E. Morgan, ''Reporting the News in Today's Media Mix''

1977 Frances R. Fussell, PhD., ''Then and Now Politically Speaking''

Bill J. Blair, "Interesting Experiences in Building 51 Medical Facilities''

1978 Richard J. James, Ph.D. Director, Schuylkill Valley Nature Center, "The Ultimate Consumer A Slow Learner''

1979 Tony and Michael Fairbanks, "Gas and Hot Air Balloons in the United States and Europe''

"An Evening With the Philadelphia Mummers''

1980 Frederick I. Ordway, "The Making of 2001: A Space Odyssey"

Michael Halberstam, Editor, MODERN MEDICINE, "The Washington Scene''

1981 The Medications, A group of Lansdale physicians, "An Evening of Dixie Land Jazz''

James T. Helsper, M.D, "California to Switzerland in a Small Plane''

1982 Dr. William Y Rial, President-Elect, American Medical Association, "Shall We Hold a Wake for Peer Review?"

Dr. Howard H. Steel, "Madeira My Dear''

1983 Musical Program by a group from the Orpheus Club Singers from the Savoy Company

1984 Dr. Warner D, Bundens, Master watchmaker, "It's About Time''

Dr. Howard H Steel, "Bernkastler Doktor, Trockenbeeren Auslese and All That"

Page 69

1985 Richard J. James, Ph.D. "The Restless Earth''

Dr. Joseph M. Gambescia, "The Shroud of Turin''

1986 James C. Humes, Esp., "An Evening With Churchill" Melvin J. Ehrin

1987 Digby Baltzell, PhD., Emeritus Professor of Sociology, University of Pennsylvania, "Philadelphia, A Host to the Founding Fathers''

Frederick L. Voight, Esp., Executive Secretary, Committee of 70, "Medicine and the Constitution''

1988 Elizabeth Anderson, Associate Curator for Education, Philadelphia Museum of Art, "The McIlhenny Collection''

David Gallagher, Pennsylvania Ballet and a cast of 10 on "Classic Dance''

1989 Anatole Pohorilenko, PhD., "Medical Aspects of a PreMayan Civilization, 1500 b.c.-300 b.c.''

Julia Lopez and the Flamenco School of dancers, with Carlos Rubio, guitarist.

1990 Mary Hyatt Schnabel, Philadelphia Medicine in the Early 20th Century-Looking Towards our Centennial in 1992''

Robert F. Dee, Former Chief Executive Officer, and Chair- man of the Board of Directors, Smith Kline Beecham Corporation, "Pharmacopoeia Excelsior-How Drugs will Continue to Revolutionize Medicine''

1991 Paula Bram Amar PhD., "Sex In a Forbidden Zone-professional Practice and Sexual Conduct''

1992 Dr. Richard A. Lippin, Medical Director, ARCO Chemical Co., "Medicine and the Arts''

Dr. G. John DiGregorio, "Space Medicine''

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