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The musings of a physician who has served the community for over six decades

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Medical Club of Philadelphia
The Medical Club of Philadelphia was founded in the Nineteenth century, as a social club of doctors devoted to non-medical interests. Lots of famous names, here.

Appendix G. Annual Outings.


On September 9, 1916, two hundred and fifty members participated in the first Outing of the club. There were no guests allowed and there was no charge for members. They set out on the Steamer Queen Anne from the Arch St. Wharf at 2:30 P.M. for a seven-hour cruise down the Delaware River. Dinner was served aboard. In 1917 they bought a thousand dollar Liberty Bond in lieu of providing an Outing. In 1918 they simply bought a bond, with no mention of a trip.

They did not begin Outings again until 1924 when they went to Washington, D.C., five hundred strong, on their own Medical Club Special train.

During succeeding years they went to:

1925 (325) West Point, NY 1926 (314) Annapolis, MD 1927 (197) Gettysburg, PA 1928 (207) Edgewood Arsenal, MD 1929 Washington, D.C. 1930 (132) New York City and Tour of Manhattan Island 1931 Down the Delaware River 1932 (240) Down the Delaware River 1933 Down the Delaware River 1934 (370) New York City and Hudson River to Bear Mountain 1935 New York City and a three-hour boat trip up the Hudson River 1936 (232) Washington, D.C. 1937 (254) Hershey, PA 1938 (331) Down Delaware the River 1939 (302) Cruise on Patapsco River & Chesapeake Bay 1940 (146) Hershey, PA 1941 (243) New York City, Sailing on New York City waterways 1942 The Outings came to an abrupt halt. They could not get any kind of transportation because of war rationing. 1947 Tour to Annapolis, MD canceled due to lack of interest 1948 (200)Hershey, PA 1949 Cancelled due to lack of interest 1956 Fairless steel plant with dinner at Pennsbury Inn Cancelled due to lack of interest 1960 Cancelled due to lack of interest. Numbers in parentheses indicate attendance.

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