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Medical Club of Philadelphia
The Medical Club of Philadelphia was founded in the Nineteenth century, as a social club of doctors devoted to non-medical interests. Lots of famous names, here.

Appendix K, Honors and Other Items

The Following persons were elected to Honorary Membership in the Club:

1911 Hon. William Howard Taft

1914 Dr. Oscar H. Allis** Dr. Edgar F. Smith** 1915 Dr. Alexander R. Craig Dr. J. Gurney Taylor** Leonard H. Wood, Major General, U.S.A. 1918 Dr. William W. Keen, LL.D.** 1919 Dr. James Tyson** 1921 Sir Aukland C. Geddes, GCMG, KCB Dr. Guy Hinsdale** 1930 Dr. John Chalmers Da Costa** 1935 Dr. William L. Estes** Dr. Arthur W. Dunbar** 1937 Arthur W. Dunbar, Rear Admiral. U.S.N. Dr. William S. Wadsworth** 1938 Dr. George E. de Schweinitz** Dr. Isador P. Strittmatter* 1947 Dr. Henry D. Jump* 1969 Dr. J. Parsons Schaffer** 1981 Dr. William Y. Rial 1989 Dr. Harold G. Scheie*

* Original Member of the Club

** Member of the Club

A Dr. Abbe was proposed for Honorary Membership in 1917 but his name was not presented for election.

1922 Dr. Lewis H. Adler, Jr. Was elected as an Honorary Life Member. He was the only member elected under that title.

Life Members:

Dr. John Edgar Burnett Buckenham

Dr. John Royal Moore

Members of the Club who were Presidents of the American Medical Association Dr. John H. Musser Dr. William W. Keen Dr. William L. Rodman Dr. Edward L. Bortz Dr. William Y. Rial

An Award of Merit was presented to Dr. Henry B. Kobler in 1967. Permanent Honorary Members of the Board of Directors: Dr. Henry B. Kobler 1966 Ralph C. Busser, Jr., Esq. 1969 William F. Irwin 1969 Dr. Samuel G. Shepherd 1969

First set of three generations of Members: Dr. Lewis H. Adler '05 Dr. Lewis H. Adler Jr. '95 Dr. Francis H. Adler '21 (Lewis H., Jr. and Francis H. practiced together)

First father and Son Presidents of the Club Dr. Francis Harrison Dr. Francis Harrison, Jr.

First father and daughter membership combination: Dr. Charles W. Ritter Dr. Deborah E. Ritter

First Women Member:

Dr. Diane W. Crocker

First osteopathic physician member: Dr. Geraldine P. Baird

Advisor to the Board of Directors: William F. Irwin 1952-1969

Counsel: Robert W. Archbald, Esq. 1926-1951* Ralph C. Busser,Jr.,Esq. 1951-1985 Emeritus 1985-1989* Mercer D. Tate, Esq. 1986-1991*

Secretary: Dr. Lemuel J. Deal 1892-1898 Dr. Guy Hinsdale 1899-1903 Dr. J. Gurney Taylor 1904-1911 Dr. William S. Wray 1912-1941

Treasurer: Dr. Roland G, Gurtin 1892-1893 Dr. Wilson Buckby 1893-1897 Dr. John H. Lock 1898-1900 Dr. S. Savary Pearce 1901-1904* Dr. L. Webster Fox 1904-1905 Dr. Lewis H.Adler 1906-1922 Dr. George A. Knowles 1923-1934* Dr. George C. Speis 1934* Dr. Charles S. Barnes 1934-1941* Dr. William S. Wray 1941

Secrtary Treasurer: Dr. William S. Wray 1942-1948* Dr. Henry B. Kobler 1948-1951 Dr. Milton F. Percival 1952-1954 Dr. Russell C. Seipel 1955-1973*

Executive Secretary: Richard M. Nelson 1973- *Died during the term of Office

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I am looking for an obituary for Dr. Milton F. Percival. He was Sect-Treasurer from 1952-54.If you can help please contact me at Thank You.
Posted by: Marianne Reilly   |   Feb 12, 2012 8:59 PM