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The musings of a physician who has served the community for over six decades

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Medical Club of Philadelphia
The Medical Club of Philadelphia was founded in the Nineteenth century, as a social club of doctors devoted to non-medical interests. Lots of famous names, here.

Appendix F, Dinner For President Taft


Frederic C. Ainsworth, Major General, U.S.A.

George R. Torney, Surgeon General,U.S.A.

Charles F. Stokes, Surgeon General U.S.A.

Jefferson R. Kean, Colonel, U.S.A.

M.A. Delaney, Major, U.S.A.

A.W. Butt, Major, U.S.A.

Special guests:

Hon. Boises Penrose, United States Senator, Pennsylvania.

Hon. John E. Reyburn, Mayor, Philadelphia.

Dr. S Weir Mitchell, "'the dean of the American Medical Profession"

'Walter Wyman, Surgeon General, Public Health and Marine Hospital Service

George M. Sternberg, former Surgeon General, U.S.A. Dr. Samuel G. Dixon, Commissioner of Health, Pennsylvania.

Dr. Joseph S.Neff, Director, Public Health and Charities, Philadelphia

First Troop, Philadelphia Cavalry Company:

....Captain J. Franklin Mc Fadden

....1st. Lieut. William E. Bates

....2nd. Lieut. George E. Thayer

....Cornet William Innes Forbes

Hon. Charles D. Hilles, Secretary to the President

Rudolph Forster, Assistant Secretary to the President

Past Presidents of the American Medical Association

*Dr. Charles A. L. Reed, Cincinnati

*Dr. Frank Billings, Chicago

*Dr. Joseph D. Bryant, New York City

*Dr. William C. Gorgas, Colonel, U.S.A.

*Dr. William W. Keen, Phialdelphia

*Dr. Joseph M. Matthews, Louisville

*Dr. William J. Mayo, Rochester

*Dr. John H. Musser, Philadelphia

*Dr. Charles A.L. Reed, Cincinnati

*Dr. William H. Welch, Baltimore

*Dr. John A. Wyeth, New York

Provost Edgar F. Smith

Dr George H. Simmons, Secretary, American Medical Association

Col. John P. Nicholson

Hon. William Potter

Andrew Carnegie

John D. Rockefeller

Henry Phipps

Rev. Russell H. Conwell, D.D.

Other guests who were invited but did not attend were:

Leonard H. Wood, Major General,. U.S.A.

Hon. Philander C. Knox, Secretary of State

Hon. Edwin S. Stuart, Governor, Pennsylvania

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