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Medical Club of Philadelphia
The Medical Club of Philadelphia was founded in the Nineteenth century, as a social club of doctors devoted to non-medical interests. Lots of famous names, here.

Appendix I, Charitable Contributions.

During the depths of the depression serious efforts were made to enable the Club to contribute funds to Aid Association of the Philadelphia County Medical Society. Many members of the Club expressed their desire to help their fellow physicians, and their families, through that time of serious difficulty. The County Medical Society collected clothes and the Aid Association provides cash support to needy physicians.

At the time the Club had investments amounting to more than sixty thousand dollars cost. They wanted to contribute two thousand dollars to Aid Association, but they could not do it. Legal counsel ruled that the Charter of the Club prevented the use of funds for charitable purposes.

In 1962 the Board of Directors made a memorial contribution to the Aid Association, in the number of twenty-five dollars, as a memorial to one deceased member. These memorials were paid to the Aid Association or another designed charity. This Action was taken without any reference to the Provisions of the Charter.

Contributions by years were:

1967 Honorarium to speaker A.J. Ramsey given to $200 Baugh Anatomy Institute.

1970 Inglis House 1,000

Crozier College 200

Temple Medical School scholarship fund in recognition of Dr. Claude Brown, a 50 Year Member 500

Coordinating Committee of the Bicentennial 500

1972 Sacred Heart Home for Incurables 1,000

1974 St. Christoper's Hospital Research 500

1976 Settlement Music School 300

1978 Inglis House 500

Delaware County Medical Society

pro:John Kotik

1979 Mummer's Museum 1,000

College of Physicians of Philadelphia 1,000

1980 Edith R. Rudolfi Home for the Blind 1,500

1981 Century IV, Philadelphia County Medical 2,500


American Cancer Society 350

1982 Overbrook School for the Blind 2,500

Education and Scientific TRust, Pennsylvannia 300

1983 College of Physicans of Philadelphia 1,000

1984 WHYY-TV 1,000

1985 Aid Association of the Philadelphia County 1,000

Medical Society

1986 Aid Association of the Medical Society of the State of New Jersey 1,000

1987 Philadelphia Youth Orchestra 1,000

1988 Philadelphia Boys Choir 1,000

1989 Iglis House Foundation 1,000

Stewart McCraken Chinese Student Scholarship fund

1990 Elmer L. Grimes Surgical Educational Fund, 1,000

Lady of Lourdes Hospital

College of Physicians pro: Dr. Paul J. Poinsard 1,000

1991 Summit Presbyterian Church Pro: Mercer D. Tate, Esq., 100

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