Philadelphia Reflections

The musings of a physician who has served the community for over six decades

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Philadelphia Physicians
Philadelphia dominated the medical profession so long that it's hard to distinguish between local traditions and national ones. The distinctive feature is that in Philadelphia you must be a real doctor before you become a mere specialist.

Medical Club of Philadelphia
The Medical Club of Philadelphia was founded in the Nineteenth century, as a social club of doctors devoted to non-medical interests. Lots of famous names, here.

Appendix D, Presidents of the Club

Presidents of the Medical Club

*1892-4 John H.W. Chestnut, M.D.

*1895-6 Hobart A. Hare,M.D.

*1897-8 John H. Musser,M.D.

*1899-0 James M. Anders,M.D.

*1901-2 Edward L.Duer, M.D.

*1903-4 Edward E. Montgomery, M.D.

*1905-6 Roland G. Curtin, M.D.

*1907 L.Webster Fox, M.D.

*1908 George McClellan, M.D.

*1909 Wharton Sinker, M.D.

*1910 James B. Walker, M.D.

*1911 William L. Rodman, M.D.

*1912 S. Lewis Ziegler, M.D.

*1913 James C. Wilson, M.D.

*1914 Samuel D. Risley, M.D.

*1915 McCluney Radcliffe, M.D.

*1916 Judson Daland, M.D.

*1917 Charles K.Mills, M.D.

*1918 Albert P. Brubaker, M.D.

*1919 G. Oram Ring, M.D.

*1920 Francis X. Dercum, M.D.

*1921 Barton C. Hurst, M.D.

*1922 Ernest Laplace, M.D.

*1923 John B. Clark, M.D.

*1924 William D. Robinson, M.D.

*1925 Charles W. Burr, M.D.

*1926 Wilmer Krusen, M.D.

*1927 J. Torrance Rugh, M.D.

*1928 Orlando H. Petty, M.D.

*1929 J. Norman Henry, M.D.

*1930 John M. Fisher, M.D.

*1931 Frank C. Hammond, M.D.

*1932 Isador P. Strittmatter, M.D.

*1933 George M. Piersol, M.D.

*1934 Charles A. E. Codman, M.D.

*1935 Edward J. Klopp, M.D.

*1936 Paul J. Pontius, M.D.

*1937 Frederick S. Baldi, M.D.

*1938 John D. Mclean, M.D.

*1939 Henry B. Kobler, M.D.

*1940 Milton F. Percival, M.D.

*1941 W.Burrill Odenatt, M.D.

*1942 Walt P. Conaway, M.D.

*1943 Wayne P. Killian, M.D.

*1944 William Bates, M.D.

*1945 Bernard P. Widmann, M.D.

*1946 J. Allan Bertolet, M.D.

*1947 Edgar S. Buyers, M.D.

*1948 Joseph W. Post, M.D.

*1949 Eugene P. Pendergrass, M.D.

*1950 Joseph C. Birdsall, M.D.

*1951 Francis F. Borzall, M.D.

*1952 Myer Solis-Cohen, M.D.

*1953 Sameul G. Shepherd, M.D.

*1954 Theodore R. Fetter, M.D.

*1955 Francis G. Harrison, Sr., M.D.

*1956 George E. Pfahler, M.D.

*1957 Edward A. Bortz, M.D.

*1958 William A. Lell, M.D.

*1959 George E. Cormeny, M.D.

*1960 J. Rudolph Jaeger, M.D.

*1961 Jacob H. Vastine, M.D.

*1962 Joseph M. Kuder, M.D.

*1963 Henry S. Bourland, M.D.

*1964 Francis G. Harrison, Jr., M.D.

1965 Thomas M. Birdsall, M.D.

1966 George P. Keefer, M.D.

1967 Frederick Murtagh, M.D.

1968 Robert E. Booth, M.D.

*1969 Frederic H. Leavitt, M.D.

*1970 Paul J. Poinsard, M.D.

*1971 Elmer L. Grimes, M.D.

1972 Edmond Preston,III, M.D.

*1973 N. Henry Moss, M.D.

1974 Richard C. Putnam, M.D

1975 Federick P. Sutliff, M.D.

1976 H. Keith Fischer,M.D.

1977 H. Craig Bell, M.D.

1978 Thomas B. Mervine, M.D.

1979 F. Peter Kohler, M.D.

1980 Goerge E. Ehrlich, M.D.

1981 Robert D. Harwick, M.D.

*1982 Stewart McCracken, M.D.

1983 Joseph A. Wagner, M.D.

1984 Edward J. Resnick, M.D.

1985 Eugene B. Rex, M.D.

1986 John A. Koltes, M.D.

1987 James C. Hutchison, M.D.

1988 Timothy J. Michals, M.D.

1989 Joseph W. Sokolowski, M.D.

1990 Herminio Muniz, M.D.

1991 F. Douglas Raymond, Jr., M.D.

1992 Raymond Q. Seyler, M.D.

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I have a letter from Dr. J. torrance Rugh dated November 1936 sent to my mother Mrs Dwight Gwaltney as follow up to surgery for my club foot done by Dr. Rugh when I was two years old. I also still have the shoe brace that was fitted after the cast was removed which I wore till I was in school. The brace was fitted at Lancaster General Hospital. Would you have a photo of Dr. Rugh and any history you may have about him? Sincerely Sarah Clyde Behrens 11703 Zenobia Loop Westminster, Co. 80031 303-650-1993
Posted by: Sarah C. Behrens   |   Sep 20, 2012 8:18 PM