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Website Development
The website technology supporting Philadelphia Reflections is PHP, MySQL and DHTML. The web hosting service is Internet Planners. The development of this website has provided an opportunity to learn new technology, to try out different techniques for getting noticed by the search engines and the trials and tribulations of dealing with malicious hackers and spammers who range from the annoying to the abusive. This collection of articles documents some of our experiences and we hope that people surfing the web looking for solutions to problems we've encountered will benefit.

George IV and Computers(1)
I got him into computers around 1960. He soon far surpassed me.

PHP out of memory condition

Fatal error: Allowed memory size of 18388608 bytes exhausted 
(tried to allocate 724 bytes) in /home/dir1/dir2/script.php on line ###

When working with large amounts of data in memory (very long concatenated strings and/or very large arrays in my case), the server may hit a memory max. No amount of "unset" of variables will do the trick past a certain point.

This is the result of a memory allocation ceiling set in php.ini that can be over-ridden (judiciously) as follows:

ini_set  ("memory_limit", -1  );

Be sure to test your code with smaller amounts of data first: this limit is set for a reason ... programs have been known to have been poorly written (not yours, of course; but test anyway).

Originally published: Tuesday, June 17, 2008; most-recently modified: Monday, June 04, 2012