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Ampersand Madness: Convert & to & to prevent XHTML errors

The whole subject of "encoding" gives me a headache.

Encoding In General

The first thing you have to know is: what is HTML encoding ... so look here:
or here:

(These are HTML encodings; URL encoding is something else again ... look here:

Ampersand Encoding and Conversion

Later on, you'll find out that the ampersand is a huge source of XHTML errors because it has to be written

but you will struggle endlessly with how to get the darn thing to stay converted. First of all, content providers feel justifiably justified in including bare naked "&"s wherever they please; second of all, you will find that encoded ampersands get stripped back to their bare naked selves by browsers and other well-meaning sorts.

So, my undying thanks to Michael Ash's Regex Blog for providing the regex pattern in the following bit of PHP code:

$pattern = '/&(?!(?i:\#((x([\dA-F]){1,5})|(104857[0-5]|10485[0-6]\d|1048[0-4]\d\d|104[0-7]\d{3}|10[0-3]\d{4}|0?\d{1,6}))|([A-Za-z\d.]{2,31}));)/i';
$replacement = '&';
$string = preg_replace ( $pattern, $replacement, $string);

I don't know how it can possibly work, and I may yet eat my words, but for the moment it seems to do the trick.

Ampersand Encoding In RSS

Another thing: & is the only ampersand encoding form acceptable to both RSS and Atom. So, look at the souce of this page and you will find that I use this encoding in the title ... that's because the title goes into the Title field of my RSS and Atom feeds.

Originally published: Thursday, March 22, 2007; most-recently modified: Monday, June 04, 2012

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