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The musings of a physician who has served the community for over six decades

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Philadelphia Reflections is a history of the area around Philadelphia, PA ... William Penn's Quaker Colonies
    plus medicine, economics and politics ... nearly 4,000 articles in all

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Philadelphia Revelations: Twenty Tours of the Delaware Valley

Finally, the book so many devoted fans have been waiting for! Philadelphia Revelations has been published and will be hitting the shelves soon. The book is for sale now on Amazon.

Philadelphia Revelations guides you along the beaten and unbeaten paths around Philadelphia. Newcomers and natives alike will enjoy discovering the layers of history, which in our daily lives we walk by without seeing. The twenty tours peel back the layers to highlight the most interesting strata at each point. Given the central role of the Delaware Valley in the American Revolution, much of this book focuses on those events, so that anyone completing these tours will gain a much better understanding of the history of those times as it relates to the geography. Other stops gradually illustrate how Philadelphia got to where it is today, an ever-evolving city in constant interaction with the states that surround it.

George Fisher is a retired physician and the author of the blog Philadelphia Reflections, with over 2,000 articles about Philadelphia from past to present. In this unique guidebook, he brings to life the people and events behind the places you will see in his beloved city. He combines inquiry, insight, and humor with over 70 years of observation to provide a singular perspective on the City of Brotherly Love.

You can see twenty tour maps of the stops by clicking on the link to each tour.

Old City North of Market
Center City On and Off Broad Street
Rittenhouse Square Logan Square
South Philadelphia West Philadelphia
Fairmount Park to Lincoln Drive Germantown Avenue
Southeast Pennsylvania Main Line: Overbrook to Paoli
Delaware River North Doylestown Area
Northeast Pennsylvania State of Delaware
Cooper Creek to Rancocas River South Jersey and Shore
Perth Amboy to Trenton

211 Volumes

The Right Angle Club of Philadelphia -- Club Matters
The Exchange luncheon club of Philadelphia, then meeting at the Bourse, withdrew from association with other Exchange Clubs on a point of principle -- hence the name it adopted, the Right Angle Club.

Nineteenth Century Philadelphia 1801-1928 (III)
At the beginning of our country Philadelphia was the central city in America.

Philadelphia: Decline and Fall (1900-2060)
The world's richest industrial city in 1900, was defeated and dejected by 1950. Why? Digby Baltzell blamed it on the Quakers. Others blame the Erie Canal, and Andrew Jackson, or maybe Martin van Buren. Some say the city-county consolidation of 1858. Others blame the unions. We rather favor the decline of family business and the rise of the modern corporation in its place.